Windows Server Hosting WordPress: Solving PHP FastCGI Process Exiting Unexpectedly

During some troubleshooting of the last blog site I noticed some issues that were occurring but could not really get the root of the reason that my site would not resolve after nearly resetting the entire machine it was hosted on …. -_- ….

That is always the sign of a good developer headache. So what exactly do you do? That’s right you burn the machine as a gift to the hosting gods in order for them to spare you lol… Ok not really but close. I started a new VM up and tested the issue. Notices that there were a few extra handlers…Wait wait lets slow it down there. What the heck was the error in the first place man! Well it was this little beauty.


Removing one of the handlers is all that is needed if you run into this issue on Windows Server.



Now go and enjoy your family! They have missed you now that you have been up for 6 hours solving internet issues… embrace them like the secret hero you know you are now! \(^_^)/    — I think we all feel that way after solving some issue and having a bit of a Developer Headache. Luckily there is Aspirin for that!

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